stone city energy

We energize your life

Our mission

Energy is life and it is constantly changing. Thanks to our many years of professional experience, we at SCE know that it is vital always to keep our finger on the pulse of technical innovations. This allows us to develop our own unique approach to the world of energy solutions and deliver the most effective results for our partners.

Energy means freedom of movement, freedom of choice and development. Energy makes it possible to achieve new goals and reach new heights in technological, economic and social development. We at SCE make it our goal to design, build and bring to life in a timely manner safe, high-quality and cost-effective energy solutions for our partners that combine innovation, efficiency and environmental protection

We are committed to being a company that evaluates all strategic opportunities, grows strongly and in a balanced manner while meeting the expectations of our partners in accordance with ethical principles and competition, and provides quality housing and career opportunities for our company employees.

Global energy consumption is rising rapidly as the living standards of billions of people in the developing world increase. To ensure they have the same privileges we have today, we are on a mission to provide people with affordable, reliable and clean energy, and we strive every day to exceed the expectations of our customers and community.

Every single employee at SCE is passionate about creating a sustainable energy future that is affordable, efficient and clean. We are dedicated to being an energy company that generates clean, renewable energy while protecting the environment.

Our vision

SCE will provide the energy that makes Uzbekistan the Silk Road  capital of the 21st century.

Our core values

We at SCE believe that sustainable growth of our company depends on sustainable solutions that we develop for the benefit of society and for the conservation of the environment. Our projects utilize the latest innovations in energy technology to promote economic growth create new opportunities for many people and preserve the beauty of nature. We at SCE are sustainable.

Our responsibility does not end with the compliance of the legal standards, but we are committed to ethical standards that we uphold in the relationship to business partners, employees, and the communities that host our projects. We ensure honesty and transparency in our actions and communications. We at SCE act responsibly.

Diversity of cultures and ideas is the source of our inspiration: the innovative energy for our projects. For SCE diversity is not only the company policy but our cultural heritage that we promote for the future of Uzbekistan – the Silk Road capital of the 21st century. We at SCE are open-minded.